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Is passion also a luxury

It’s all a load of nonsense

?Is passion also a luxury, in your opinion

Passion basically has been declared a commodity of the moment

Everything has to be done with passion
people are being told that life will be more meaningful and more fulfilling if they follow their passions

But in the end, it’s just about selling something to someone
Live your passion! Find yourself. It’s all a load of nonsense

?What makes you think that
Well, firstly, not everyone can stick it, to live their passion
And secondly, not everything is connected to passion
And third, not everyone might have these kinds of passion, so you can’t just make them appear out of thin air

Most importantly, there is no compelling factor, let alone a reason, to assume that anything will be improved if you live your passion

Just because you don’t have a burning passion for your job, does not automatically mean something is missing for you

!But for you, surely acting is a passion, no? Not at all
It’s my profession, no different than it is for any other profession. In medicine, the best caregivers are those without passion
The doctors that are too passionate are very often the ones who make serious mistakes

From an interview with the legendary, Christopher Waltz